Radiofrequency (Secret Fractional RF & Thermal RF)

What is it and how does it help?

Secret RF

The main advantage of Fractional RF treatment is its reduced healing time, as opposed to other types of Fractional laser devices. Because the energy is delivered below the skin surface, there is minimal recovery time and is suitable for patients of all skin colour and types. Fractional RF directly targets the collagen layer of the skin and is useful for collagen remodelling and tightening.

Thermal RF

Thermal-RF uses Radiofrequency energy (the source of radio-waves) to heat the middle-to-lower layers of the skin. Radiofrequency treatments are deeply penetrating, and suited for treatment of deeper skin structures such as the collagen and connective tissue layer of the skin. Thermal-RF can also be used to heat the collagen layer selectively, which produces contraction or tightening of the skin around lax areas such as the face, neck, arms and abdomen – and suitable for all skin types.

How does it work?

SECRET RF involves applying fractional radiofrequency energy to gently heat the collagen layer of the skin. The radiofrequency delivered to the tissue gets converted to heat, which causes the collagen and connective tissue of the skin to contract and remodel, resulting in a firmer appearance.


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Derma RF-Radiofrequency by Dr Adrian Lim