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Experience remarkable results in the treatment of superficial pigmented and vascular lesions, hair removal, and skin tightening with the Veloce Intelligent Multi-Pulse system.
The SUPER VELOCE 4800 sets new standards in high-speed, efficient treatment. Its innovative design incorporates a dual lamp system that generates rapid optical square pulses. With an impressive 320 sub-pulses of energy delivered continuously for up to 16 seconds, this system offers cost-effective extended treatment options for a wide range of indications.
The technology within SUPER VELOCE 4800 enables the penetration of repeated wavelengths deep into the skin, ensuring the utmost comfort during N-TIGHT procedures. By harnessing a broad spectrum of near-infrared light energy, the system achieves deep heating of dermal collagen, resulting in effective skin tightening.
Experience the power of uniformity and stability with SUPER VELOCE 4800. Emitting a consistent beam of up to 235 joules of energy, this system delivers high-powered energy within a short pulse duration. The utilization of dual lamps, featuring ‘speed beam technology’, guarantees reliable energy delivery while an integrated cooling mechanism safeguards the skin’s surface, maximizing results and minimizing downtime.