Brown Spots & Freckles

Like many skin conditions, Brown spots and Freckles are usually age and sun related.

They are similar to Blotchy Skin in that the brown spots are, in fact, concentrated areas of pigmentation. Sun freckles are benign and the most common type of pigmentation. Skin cancers and melanomas can masquerade as benign sun freckles. Your laser dermatologists will routine look out for any skin cancers during the procedure.

Visible pigmentation is often only the tip of the iceberg. UV photography can reveal the real extent of underlying skin pigmentation (see image below). Treatment of the whole face will target all pigment spots including less visible ones and prevent them from becoming visible.

IPL can effectively treat many types of skin pigmentation including sun freckles. Your laser dermatologist will individualise a treatment plan based on your unique skin type and specific skin diagnosis.

Melasma is a special type of pigmentation that is driven by hormones and sun-exposure. Lasers can help but may be unpredictable and may worsen melasma and therefore not first line treatment. Cosmeceutical skin care and other non-laser therapy should be the first option. In stubborn melasma, lasers can be used in conjunction with sunscreen and skin care cosmeceuticals. The dermal therapist and nurses will guide you with the appropriate cosmeceutical skin care prescribed by your dermatologist.

UV Photography

UV Photography

Brown Spots & Freckles



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