Vascular Laser

What is Vascular Laser?

Vascular lasers use light to target and destroy unwanted capillaries and blood vessels of the skin. The laser wavelength is chosen to selectively target the abnormal blood vessels only, sparing the surrounding normal skin structures. When used properly by trained practitioners, the procedure is extremely safe and effective. This type of laser treatment is not associated with any long-term problems such as skin cancers. To make the procedure more comfortable however, the skin is kept cool with a chilled plate so that the heat energy is not transferred to other areas of the skin to cause unwanted burns.

How does Vascular Laser work?

The skin structures such as capillaries and pigment spots absorb light energy at a specific frequency or wavelength. Vascular lasers are scientifically and clinically proven methods of delivering light energy to these unwanted targets to knock them off. Blood vessels and pigment containing brown spots and hair follicles are examples of common targets. The targets absorb the light energy that gets converted to heat leading to its destruction.


What is the difference between IPL/BBL and Lasers?

Lasers utilise a single wavelength to deliver energy to skin targets. IPL or BBL uses a spectrum of wavelengths. Lasers have a reputation of precision and power and are well proven and established processes in cosmetic dermatology. The vascular laser is often combined with IPL/BBL for optimum results. The vascular laser targets the larger broken capillaries while the IPL/BBL is more effective for the finer vessels.


What can Vascular Lasers do for me?

Blood vessels & facial redness

  • Reduces & eliminates broken capillaries
  • Facial redness may be the result of thousands of fine broken capillaries that when treated will lead
    to reduction in the appearance of facial redness
  • Leads to less facial flushing & burning
  • Other vascular lesions:
    • Spider angiomas
    • Venous lake
    • Hemangiomas
    • Capillary malformations
  • Improve active acne
  • Improve collagen remodelling after acne scar repair
  • Improve scar remodelling


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Vascular Laser and BBL