Blotchy Skin

Blotchy skin can appear with age, or through exposure to the sun.

It appears as reddish or red-brown patches and is a combination of concentrated pigment and blood vessel/broken capillaries. If your skin is prone to these blemishes, it’s best to avoid the sun as much as possible. It’s often a feature of Rosacea – a combination of a red face and broken capillaries, and also shows itself in the ‘V’ of the chest and neck area.

Non-ablative lasers are best for treating blotchy complexion i.e. colour issues such as capillaries and pigment. Non-ablative lasers (including IPL*) do not break the skin and is associated with minimal downtime. Examples of non-ablative lasers include vascular lasers, pigment lasers and hair removal lasers. * IPL can be considered ‘laser-like’ even though it differs by delivering a spectrum of wavelengths (polychromatic) rather than a single wavelength (monochromatic) characteristic of lasers.

Conditions presented here are related to ‘colour’ and can be grouped into red (vascular) or brown (pigment). Conditions can also be related to texture – eg scars and wrinkles.

Conditions Treated With Non-Ablative Lasers

Blood Vessels (Red)

  • Rosacea
  • Telangiectasias
  • Birthmarks – vascular malformations (portwine stain)

Pigment (brown)


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