Sun Damaged Skin

Most Australians are aware just how harsh the sun can be. But it goes deeper than just sunburn.

When UV penetrates the skin, it can also damage skin structures such as collagen, elastin and even blood vessels. What that means for you is premature wrinkling, blotchy skin, brown spots (liver spots), broken capillaries and, in a worst case, ‘sun spots’ or skin cancers.

What is the difference between IPL/ BBL and Lasers?

Lasers utilise a single wavelength to deliver the energy to skin targets. IPL or BBL uses a spectrum of wavelengths. Lasers have a reputation of precision and power and are established modalities in cosmetic dermatology. Early IPL/ BBL were dogged by technical and procedural issues that limited its effectiveness. Later generation IPL/ BBL are at least as good if not better than their Laser counterparts. Not surprisingly, IPL/ BBL and Lasers share a similar side effect profile.

What is photodynamic BBL and what is it good for?

Photodynamic BBL uses a light-sensitive lotion to further enhance the effects of BBL/ IPL. The light sensitive lotion used in this procedure is amino-leveulinic acid or ALA for short. This procedure is also known as ALA-BBL. Photodynamic BBL can enhance treatment results for pigmentation, blood vessels/ broken capillaries and the photorejuvenating effects of BBL in general. A unique aspect of photodynamic BBL is its effectiveness in gently treating sun-damaged skin and reducing the risk of skin cancers. Photodynamic therapy using ALA with a light source is an established method of treating certain skin cancers in dermatology. However, if you have any possible skin cancers, this should be properly diagnosed and treated and it should not be assumed that the photodynamic BBL used here is adequate treatment for skin cancers.

What can photo-rejuvenation do for me?

Blood vessels & facial redness

  • Reduces and eliminates broken capillaries
  • Facial redness may be the result of thousands of fine broken capillaries that when treated will lead to reduction in the appearance of facial redness
  • Leads to less facial flushing and burning

Pigment/ brown spots

  • Freckles, liver spots, age blemishes
  • Face, neck, v chest and hands commonly affected areas

Skin tightening

  • Subtle tightening of face, jaw-line, jowls, chin and neck
  • Other areas – arms and abdomen

The benefits of photodynamic BBL:

  • Improves pigmentation
  • Improves redness and capillaries
  • Improves skin complexion
  • Improves skin health
  • Reverses sun damage and reduces the risk of developing skin cancers


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Sun Spots - Before & After Treatment

Sun Spots – Before & After Treatment


Sun Freckles - Before & After Treatment

Sun Freckles – Before & After Treatment